TR-99-1-Tennessee Pass Railroad Corridor

WHEREAS Western Colorado’s railroad corridors are critical to the movement of both passenger and freight service to markets inside and outside this region; and

WHEREAS the Tennessee Pass line has historically served as a vital north to south rail link for western and southern Colorado; and

WHEREAS the merger between Union Pacific (UP) and Southern Pacific has resulted in removing the Tennessee Pass line from rail service altogether; and

WHEREAS at great relief to Western Colorado, UP has withdrawn Tennessee Pass from the disposal list,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 strongly urges UP to retain a complete, fully operational rail system on Tennessee Pass, and requests action be taken to not abandon the Tennessee Pass line and keep this viable for future service if needed.

Adopted 3/5/1999

Amended 9/10/2004

Amended 9/10/2010

Amended 4/7/2017


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