WA – 12 – 1-Federal Permits, Oppose Taking of Private Water Rights

WHEREAS the struggle in the West to preserve private property rights continues in the face of increasing federal control and management of federal lands and the resources interconnected with those lands; and

WHEREAS permit holders that utilize forest lands have filed for, and developed, Colorado state water rights for the purposes of their permit; and

WHEREAS the water rights obtained through expenditure of significant funds are essential to continued use of the permit; and

WHEREAS Colorado water law provides significant restrictions on the ability of the permit holder to utilize those water rights for any purpose or location other than as decreed; and

WHEREAS the water right is a property right essential to the successful use of forest land;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 opposes any Federal requirement that permittees assign water rights to the United States in order to obtain, renew or modify federal permits. 

Adopted 3/30/2012

Renewed 4/7/2017


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