WA – 92 – 5-Division Of Water Resources Funding

WHEREAS The focus of water development for the Front Range and downstream states has been upon Western Colorado surplus supplies of water; and

WHEREAS The efficient measurement of water, including data collection on diversions, consumptive water quality, use and return flows, and the effective day‑to‑day administration of water used intra‑state, as well as compact water, is essential for accommodating the ever-increasing demands upon limited supplies and planning for the future; and

WHEREAS The Colorado Division of Water Resources, operating through the State Engineer’s office and the seven water divisions throughout the state must accomplish not only day‑to‑day administrative tasks but must also prepare the data to reflect inter alia, how much Colorado River Compact water Colorado has remaining; and

WHEREAS adequate funding for both the personnel to administer the day‑to‑day use of water and data collection for future intra‑state and interstate allocation is vital for the economic and environmental future of Colorado,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that CLUB 20 supports adequate funding for the Colorado Division of Water Resources for both administration and data collection, to secure the best future for Colorado’s water.

Adopted 2/14/1992

Renewed 4/3/2009

Renewed 3/28/2014


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