WA-98-1-Endangered Fish Recovery Program

WHEREAS CLUB 20 has always vigorously defended western Colorado water rights and the Colorado system of water law, and

WHEREAS the Upper Colorado River and San Juan River Basin recovery programs have the dual objectives of recovery of endangered fish species and continued management and development of water for human purposes, and

WHEREAS fundamental tenets of both programs are provisions of water for endangered fish in accordance with state law and interstate compacts, and that no water for endangered fish will be obtained by condemnation or regulatory taking, and

WHEREAS the costs for these programs are equitably distributed in a mutually agreeable manner among the federal government, upper basin states, Colorado River Storage Project power customers, and water users, and

WHEREAS the revenues for the federal cost share come predominantly from Colorado River Storage Project power revenues, and

WHEREAS the programs provide compliance with the Endangered Species Act through these actions to recover endangered fish for large and small federal, non-federal, and tribal water projects in the Upper Colorado and San Juan River basins (totaling more than 2,000 such projects as of June 2010), and

WHEREAS such a plan would change the primary purpose for which that right was decreed, resulting in a partial taking of a private property right for the program, contrary to the stated intent of the program not to alter private rights.


  • CLUB 20 supports continued implementation of the Upper Colorado River and San Juan River Basin endangered fish recovery programs and urges Congress to continue to support and fund these programs, and
  • CLUB 20 opposes any part of the Endangered Fish Recovery Program that would result in modifying existing water rights without the expressed consent, with just-compensation, of the property owner.
  • CLUB 20 supports federal participation in cooperative actions to ensure that water levels at Lake Powell remain safely above minimum power-producing levels to ensure continued federal cost-share revenues.

Adopted 3/6/1998

Amended 9/10/2010

Amended 3/27/2015