X-10-1-Local Administration of Colorado’s Human Services System, Support of

WHEREAS the Governor’s Child Welfare Action Committee (CWAC) established by Executive Order B 006 08 on April 16, 2008, examined the child welfare system over the course of eighteen months and developed thirty-five recommendations to improve the safety of vulnerable children in Colorado, and

WHEREAS most (90%) recommendations from the Governor’s CWAC have been implemented including the Child Welfare Training Academy, Child Welfare Hotline, and the Differential Response, and

WHEREAS national data from the U. S. Department of Human Services shows that the rate of child fatalities due to abuse or neglect per 100,000 children is slightly higher for state-administered systems than county administered systems, and

WHEREAS in Colorado, the percentage of child fatalities with prior county involvement has remained relatively low, even though the state’s child population has grown, and

WHEREAS several best practice initiatives, such as family engagement, have been implemented across the state to improve the child welfare system, and 

WHEREAS county departments of human services have demonstrated the ability to form successful collaborative partnerships with other local human services partners through collaborative management and other agreements, and

WHEREAS local communities have an important role in preventing child abuse and neglect, and

WHEREAS county commissioners play critical roles in human service resource allocation and policy decision-making.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports the continued local administration of human services in order to maximize the flexibility and responsiveness of the systems to local needs, while ensuring efficient management and local control, and objects to the State of Colorado assuming this administration responsibility.

Adopted 9/10/10

Amended 9/11/2015


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