AG-06-2-Ag Programs, Federal and State

WHEREAS the government at both the state and federal level can play an important but limited role in promoting a viable agriculture industry,


  • Club 20 supports a complete review at both the state and federal level by the appropriate regulatory agencies, of regulations affecting agriculture and rural businesses and supports modifications which would make such regulations more practical and flexible, and which ensure that the benefits accrued from such programs justify the costs of administering them.
  • Club 20 strongly supports efforts to make state and federal policies and programs more consistent with local policies and programs that promote agriculture.
  • Club 20 supports funding for USDA programs to assist farmers and ranchers for existing and new farming and ranching operations..
  • Club 20 believes that USDA field services are crucial to the economy and opposes proposals to reduce services to rural areas.
  • Club 20 reaffirms its long‑standing support for programs which provide information and research on agricultural lands, natural resources, weather impacts, pest control, new varieties, and other important issues in agriculture. This includes a long‑standing support for the CSU Cooperative Extension Service and Experiment Stations, which should be expanded during this era when so many new people are moving to rural areas.
  • Club 20 supports an expansion and funding of the beginning farmer and rancher programs, and a change in federal regulations allowing the Colorado Agriculture Development Authority and the USDA Farm Services Agency programs to assist new farmers and ranchers acquire a farm or ranch.

Adopted 3/31/ 2006

Renewed 3/30/2012

Amended 4/7/2017

Amended 3/23/2022



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