“Action 22 is a non-partisan membership driven organization which serves as a voice and leader for action on public policy for 22 Southern Colorado counties. Our membership includes business leaders, elected officials, business organizations, counties, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations from around the state.” -Action 22 Website

  • We enjoy strong, effective working relationships with Legislators, Colorado’s Executive Branch, regulatory agencies, and other elected officials.
  • Action22 focuses on how issues relating to legislation intersect for the economic health of our region.
  • Specifically we work on:
    • government affairs
    • rural economic development
    • health care
    • education
    • agriculture/natural resources
  • Because of our strong working relationship with public policy decision makers, Action22 is uniquely positioned to be the vehicle for regional collaboration for our members on those issues and projects most pressing for our counties.

Pro 15 is a non-partisan organization that was intended to be progressive in their thinking rather than regressive. The organization is meant to be inclusive and looks at a wide range of issues that are important to the region, rather than being a single topic group. “The mission of Pro 15 is to advocate on legislation, policies, rules that impact the economic vitality of the 15 counties in Northeast Colorado.” -Pro 15 Membership Handbook

  • Develop positions, policy, and resolutions to advocate and affect legislation and policy. Inform and alert our membership on issues of regional concern.
  • Build an active, diverse, and renewable membership base.
  • To promote, develop and improve, through coordinated action, a harmonious relationship among member counties.
  • To act as a guide for organizations in Northeast Colorado in order that they shall work as a unit for regional betterment.
  • To advance the commercial and economic interests of Northeastern Colorado, and the general welfare and prosperity of the citizens and communities of member counties.