AG-06-4-Colorado Agricultural Products, Promotion of

WHEREAS Club 20 believes that Colorado producers can deliver quality, price, performance, customer service, and timely delivery to establish a sustainable market relationship; and

WHEREAS Club 20 recognizes the importance of agriculture to the Colorado’s rural economy, environment, and lifestyle; and

WHEREAS Club 20 recognizes that many other states currently have state purchasing preference laws or regulations; and

WHEREAS Club 20 supports a program that makes it easier for consumers, retailers and Colorado State institutions to identify and purchase Colorado products;

WHEREAS Enterprise Zones have been a very useful tool for economic development on the Western Slope; and


  • Club 20 supports all efforts to promote the sale and consumption of Colorado agricultural products in domestic and export markets, including public and private efforts.
  • Club 20 strongly supports efforts to create a more effective form of communication and public education to enhance a general understanding of the importance of agriculture to the Colorado economy, environment, and life­style.

Adopted 3/31/2006

Renewed 3/30/2012

Amended 4/7/2017

Amended 3/23/2022


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