AG – 96 – 1-Habitat Partnership Program

WHEREAS the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), in conjunction with the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, the Colorado Wool Growers, sportsmen, and public land management agencies, have developed the Habitat Partnership Program (HPP) to address conflicts between big game and livestock over rangeland forage and fence; and

WHEREAS the Habitat Partnership Program has been codified in state statutes by the Colorado General Assembly (C.R.S. 33‑1‑110); and

WHEREAS the CPW funds the HPP through the dedication of 5% of Colorado’s big game license revenue which amounts to over $2 million annually; and

WHEREAS funding allocations and other matters are decided upon in sub‑regions around the state by local HPP committees which include at least three agricultural producers; and

WHEREAS HPP has a successful track record spanning more than 23 years, and has approved distribution management plans including special hunts intended to move big game off private property where they are creating problems; and

WHEREAS local HPP committees now exist in 19 sub‑regions of the state;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 urges Western Slope agricultural producers and county governments concerned about the continuation of sustained agricultural production in their counties to be effectively involved in the Habitat Partnership Program, in order to ensure that HPP is properly addressing private property conflicts with big game and related matters.


Adopted 3/1/96

Amended 9/7/07

Amended 9/6/13


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