EN-11-1-Western Slope Mineral Energy Resources, Support of

WHEREAS the Western Slope is blessed with abundant mineral energy resources; and

WHEREAS the responsible development and use of mineral energy resources, including coal, uranium, natural gas, and oil, is important to the long-term health and sustainability of our Western Slope communities and their economies; and

WHEREAS these communities and economies are dependent, in part, on the royalties, tax revenues, stable high-paying jobs, and many associated benefits generated by these mineral energy resource extraction and/or power generation operations; and

WHEREAS affordable electric power is vital to the families, businesses, communities and the economy of Western Slope; and

WHEREAS Colorado legislation and regulatory policy has had and could have direct and indirect  impacts on Western Slope mineral energy resources extraction and/or power generation operations and thus impact the economic and social well-being of many Western Slope communities; and

WHEREAS CLUB 20 believes free market mechanisms, rather than mandates, should be the primary consideration regarding the choice of mineral energy resource uses for power generation in Colorado and in the United States; and

WHEREAS CLUB 20 believes that any analyses of economic environmental and social impacts of various energy resources must include full life-cycle analysis of these impacts;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 opposes any legislative or regulatory proposal or policy that includes mandates precluding the development and use of any Western Slope mineral energy resource,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CLUB 20 opposes any legislative policy or regulatory proposal that has not been fully-vetted in transparent forums that involve all potentially affected stakeholders (including local governments) and has not considered relevant analyses of the social, economic and environmental impacts of such proposals, particularly as they concern the locally-affected Western Slope communities.


Adopted April 1, 2011

Amended 3/30/2012

Renewed 9/8/2017


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