Executive Director’s January Update

Moving into 2021 is a bit like getting your hand smacked for reaching into the cookie jar. You still want a cookie but are afraid of getting smacked again.

While this past year threw many of us for a loop, I think we are all looking forward with tentative hope and optimism that 2021 will be the year we all hoped 2020 would be.

This past year brought Club 20 obstacles and opportunities as we hired new staff, learned to pivot into the virtual world, and worked tirelessly to bring you, our members, new ways to engage key decision makers. Through these efforts, our candidate debates were able to reach a record number of viewers, and we have engaged hundreds of western slope leaders through our new member exclusive Virtual Town Hall series. As we look to the new year, we have exciting things planned to continue to grow and strengthen Club 20 in our 68th year.

While our Voices of Rural Colorado event will be held virtually, along with Winter Policy Meetings, we are hopeful to continue in person meetings in April with our Spring Conference. All events in 2021, whether in person or not, will have the option to join virtually to ensure that we accommodate all circumstances and all of our members’ needs. A Calendar of Events and a Policy Committee Meeting Calendar can be found to the left in the navigation bar.

As I write this update, our country is facing a test of it’s democracy. Political division continues to plague our state and nation, pushing many toward greater polarization. I have had conversations with many of you over the past few weeks and there seems to be an overwhelming sense fear, anger, and uncertainty as to what the future holds-on both sides. Here is what I believe, being united around a shared goal or set of goals will bring us together, give us a sense of direction, and allow each of us to know that we are doing something good. A quote by author Elizabeth Margo seems to ring so true, “We are different; we are always, have been, and will always be. However, different shouldn’t divide us, but unify us because different is an asset.”

When you put hundreds of strong leaders in a room, it is no wonder that they will all have very distinct opinions and beliefs. But it is the love for Western Colorado that holds us together. Hold on to that because, when the dust settles, we will need each of you to roll up your sleeves and help us to celebrate and protect this place we call home.

Yours in leadership,

Christian Reece