TO-18-2-Colorado Welcome Center in Dinosaur, Colorado, Support of

WHEREAS Tourism is a major component of Colorado’s economy and Colorado Welcome Centers are an important introduction for visitors to the State of Colorado; and

WHEREAS The important task of disseminating visitor information at the various entrances to Colorado is critically important to the tourism economy; and

WHEREAS The task of disseminating visitor information is to be performed in a fair and professional manner with standards set by the Colorado Tourism Office; and

WHEREAS The current guidance of the Colorado Tourism Office is to provide leadership in driving visitation to all parts of the State of Colorado and enhancing the performance of the tourism industry for all; and

WHEREAS The diversification of the western slope economy, including tourism and outdoor recreation as a substantial contributing factor, is critical; and

WHEREAS The local communities have shown continued and ongoing support of the Dinosaur Welcome center through financial, in-kind, and volunteer support; and


  • Urges the Colorado Tourism Office Board of Directors to fully fund the operations of the Colorado Welcome Center at Dinosaur, Colorado.
  • Urges the Office of the Governor of Colorado to fully support the needs of rural Colorado and to support the remote parts of the western slope with visitor services.
  • Encourages the Colorado Tourism Office to continue to promote rural tourism through signage and remote visitor service facilities, including the Welcome Center at Dinosaur, Colorado.


Adopted 7/7/2018


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