TO-21-1 Encouraging Investment in the Arts & Creative Industries in Western Colorado

WHEREAS in 2019, the arts, culture and creative industries accounted for $16.3 billion and 4.1% of Colorado’s economy, contributing over 108,000 jobs statewide; and

WHEREAS Colorado’s Northwest and Southwest regions have seen significant growth in employment in the creative industries (19-20%) between 2010 and 2019, identifying music, theater, dance, visual arts and culinary arts as key workforce sectors along with a variety of maker industries; and

WHEREAS arts audiences spend an average of $31.47 per person, per event, beyond the cost of admission on items such as meals, parking, and lodging; and cultural tourists are known to stay longer and spend more to seek out authentic and creative experiences; and

WHEREAS the state’s arts agency, Colorado Creative Industries (CCI), launched the Colorado Creative Districts program in 2011 to leverage the creative sector as an effective vehicle for economic and community development, which has grown to comprise 26 state-certified arts districts statewide, including 11 certified districts in the Club 20 region; and

WHEREAS a vibrant and robust arts and creative sector has been proven to yield a range of social benefits including individual well-being and mental health, public health outcomes, student achievement, civic engagement and equity; and

WHEREAS the arts and creative industries are historically and dramatically under-resourced at the state and local level, with Colorado ranking 47th in the country for state arts funding per capita in 2021, despite the fact that the arts and creative industries generate significant economic activity, attracts tourists, creates jobs, positively impacts ancillary industries, and provides numerous social benefits to residents, tourists and communities.


  • Club 20 urges the Colorado legislature to consider additional funding and/or pursue public/private partnerships to encourage further investment in Colorado’s arts, culture and creative industries.
  • Club 20 supports the continuation and expansion of the Colorado Creative Districts program.
  • Club 20 supports the continuation and expansion of programs that revitalize historic districts, main streets or neighborhood commercial centers through creative projects, public art, preservation, and affordable housing.
  • Club 20 supports consideration and inclusion of the arts, culture and creative sector in tourism, workforce development, education, and small business initiatives, working in collaboration with relevant departments.

Adopted 9/10/2021

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