WA – 95 – 1-Clean Water Act Re-Authorization

WHEREAS The 1969 Clean Water Act has resulted in the substantial improvement of water quality and overall the health of many of our nations rivers; and

 WHEREAS The Clean Water Act is now decades over-due for re‑authorization by Congress; and

WHEREAS Congressional inaction on this important issue has only increased growing conflicts over scope and enforcement of the Act; and ; and

WHEREAS Recent and historical judicial and regulatory interpretations of the Act have whipsawed to extremes resulting in increased uncertainty regarding the scope and applicability of the Act; Alternately broadening and narrowing federal authority including classifying canals and ditches as waterways.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Club20 supports Congressional re‑authorization of the Clean Water Act with clear and explicit clarifications that more closely comport with the original Congressional intent of protecting navigable waterways, that protect responsible agricultural use of waters of the U.S., and that strengthen the economic impact assessment of alternative protection schemes.

Adopted 3/3/1995

Renew 9/11/2009

Amended 9/5/2014

Amended 4/12/2024

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