WA-98-2-Water Projects, New

WHEREAS the construction of new projects is integral to providing adequate water supplies to future generation of Coloradoan’s; and

WHEREAS Colorado is investigating how to provide adequate water supplies through the Roundtable and Inter Basin Compact Commission activities which have identified new projects as necessary to meet the future demands; and

WHEREAS new projects may have impacts upon existing water users that must be identified and addressed as part of the planning and implementation of new projects;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports the Roundtable and IBCC process, legislation, and other activities to analyze the state’s water needs and provide for those needs with new water projects, if such legislation is consistent with CLUB 20 policy.  Specifically, CLUB 20:

  • Recognizes the need for water conservation, supports storage projects to provide new water for instream flow, habitat and endangered species purposes, in accordance with the Colorado instream flow law;
  • Supports projects to provide water needed for agricultural, municipal, industrial, recreational or other beneficial uses;
  • Insists that any project which includes trans-basin diversion must include basin-of-origin protection and/or mitigation in accordance with policies of the local governments involved;
  • Supports the provision empowering local citizens to determine the future water needs within each basin;
  • Supports the use of State funds for planning, development, and construction of new projects to meet current and future water needs; and
  • Opposes the use of such legislation to amend, weaken, restrict or limit county 1041 powers.

 Adopted September 25, 1998

Amended September 8, 2006

Amended September 7, 2012