BA – 09 – 1-Business/Labor Relations

WHEREAS the quality of life in Colorado is largely determined by the viability of our economy and our ability to remain competitive with other states and nations, and

WHEREAS it is important to strike an appropriate balance between business and labor interests so as to protect the rights of workers while ensuring the economic competitiveness of business, and

WHEREAS Colorado enacted the Labor Peace Act in 1943 which provides a balanced approach to labor relations by requiring extra deliberation and majority support before union shops can be created.  Before workers can be compelled to financially support a union, a majority of affected workers who cast votes must vote affirmatively (via secret ballot) to empower a union to represent them in employer negotiations, and then a majority of ALL employees (voting via secret ballot) must then approve any compulsory financial support for that union from employees;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports the balance of protections for both business and labor embodied within the Colorado Labor-Peace Act and opposes any federal or state action which would change elements of that Act such that would be adverse to business, which includes:

  1. the right of workers to cast votes via secret ballot,
  2. the requirement of support from a majority of all employees (not just those voting), and
  3. the right of workers to organize.


Adopted 9-11-09

Renewed 4-12-19


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