BA-11-1-Business Regulation Principles

Club 20 recognizes that in order to have an orderly society and a dynamic economy, rules must be established that apply to those willing and interested in building businesses and providing jobs.  It is also recognized that excessive regulatory burdens can have a negative impact on business development and job growth. Club 20 believes there should be a balance between a regulatory framework for the common good and encouragement for business development and job creation.  The following principles provide an outline for that balance:


  1. State and federal government must strive to be equally as responsive and accountable to the public as local government.


  1. Federal agencies should have primarily an oversight role, with the individual States being responsible for implementing their own priorities based upon their own needs. Every State is unique; what is needed and what works in other states is not necessarily what is needed or what will work in Colorado.


  1. Local management decisions must be considered at higher levels of government.


  1. Public policy should be made in an open and transparent manner.


  1. Agency promulgated rules and regulations should not be used as a mechanism to bypass the legislative process.


  1. All federal, state and local agencies must consider the social, environmental and economic consequences of their regulations.


  1. Federal and state agencies must work closely with affected businesses and communities in developing rules and regulations in order to minimize the unintended consequences of regulatory actions.


  1. A country that cannot feed itself with a safe food supply cannot survive as a society.  Over- regulation that makes it more difficult to produce our own food is counter-productive and destructive.


  1. A nation that must depend on other countries for critical resources, like energy, cannot be independent and protect its citizens. Responsible development of natural resources and human talents is paramount to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Adopted September 9, 2011

Amended May 29, 2020


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