ED-04-1-Higher Education in Western Colorado, Support of

WHEREAS CLUB 20 believes that a quality higher education, in one or more of its many forms, is virtually a necessity in today’s world for the economic and civic well-being of every Colorado student; and

WHEREAS institutions of higher education are a significant contributor to the communities in which they are located; and

WHEREAS Colorado constitutional and federal fiscal mandates have created a funding crisis; and

WHEREAS linkage and cooperation between the systems of higher education and Kindergarten through 12th grades are more important than ever; and

WHEREAS the taxpayers of Colorado expect continuous, incremental and at times, innovative improvements at every level of public education; and

WHEREAS institutions of higher education in Colorado operate in an extremely competitive marketplace comprised of  four-year public colleges and universities; community colleges area vocational technical colleges; private, accredited Colorado-based institutions; in-state occupational schools and accredited on-line schools;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT CLUB 20 supports Higher Education in Western Colorado to further the economic and general well-being of Western Slope citizens; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CLUB 20 believes that:

  1. Access to higher education, to the maximum degree possible, should be made available to every Colorado citizen.
  2. There must be responsible, effective and productive utilization of public funds by students and institutions of higher education, especially given the finite resources available.
  3. Higher education on the West Slope should be responsive to the economic and civic needs of the West Slope and pursue the delivery of educational services and workforce development that enhance that economy.
  4. Higher education serving the Western Slope should collaborate with K-12 institutions to assist them in successfully preparing students to enter higher education.
  5. The State of Colorado should implement measures that empower the local governing boards at each college and university to make the necessary management decisions that reduce cost and enhance the quality, operational efficiency and overall fiscal health at each institution.


Adopted 3/19/2004

Amended 4/9/2010

Amended 4/1/2016


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