EN-10-3-Colorado’s Coal Industry, Support for

WHEREAS coal is an abundant energy mineral resource in Western Colorado, and

WHEREAS Colorado’s coal is in high demand nationally because it has a high Btu and low mercury and sulfur content, and is considered a “super-compliant” energy resource as concerns the Clean Air Act, and

WHEREAS full-life cycle analyses – from extraction through energy generation – have shown that Western Colorado Coal compares favorably to other energy resources in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants, and

WHEREAS coal-fueled power plants in Western Colorado Counties have been retrofitted and produce fewer emissions than many power plants elsewhere, and

WHEREAS there are several thousand coal mining jobs in Western Colorado that provide stable, long-term jobs, with high-paying wages and benefits, and

WHEREAS because the coal industry is a capital-intensive industry which must make decades-long commitments to the development of this resource, and therefore must in turn be invested fully within the communities where they operate, the coal mining industry is a critically important cornerstone of many Western Colorado communities, and

WHEREAS the coal industry provides substantial revenues to the state and local governments in property taxes, severance taxes, and royalties, and

WHEREAS coal is an important part of a balanced energy mix for Colorado;


  • Acknowledges the economic and social contributions of the coal industry and its employees to the western slope communities, economy, and environment, and
  • Supports a viable coal industry on the Western Slope of Colorado, and
  • Affirms that, in the interest of energy security, our nation has the responsibility to develop our domestic energy resources, and
  •  including coal, using the most efficient and environmentally friendly technology available, and
  • Recognizes that coal contributes to an affordable, reliable energy portfolio


Adopted 9/10/2010

Amended 9/6/2013

Amended 7/26/18


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