HC-03-4-Managed Health Care

WHEREAS CLUB 20 recognizes that managed care is an important part of the health care system by reducing to consumers overall costs of maintaining the system and providing more competitive pricing and comprehensive health services;


  • Supports basing health care services on a standard of medical necessity for care and treatment, using appropriate medical protocols and reducing inappropriate and excessive utilization of the system,
  • Believes that prevention and disease state management programs that will result in healthier citizens, lower costs and more efficient health care system in the long run should be encouraged,
  • Believes that health plans should be encouraged to remain in, or return to, rural Colorado markets in order to develop greater competition, and
  • Opposes new mandated benefits and supports enforcement of existing statutory requirements that all proposed mandates demonstrate cost effectiveness before they are considered; and

Adopted 9/5/ 2003

Amended 9/5/2008

Amended 9/6/2013


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