HC-03-8-Uninsured Underinsured Persons Reducing The Number Of

Whereas CLUB 20 recognizes that the growing number of uninsured persons due to the increasing cost of health insurance and decreasing options for quality health service is an urgent problem;

Now, Therefore be it resolved that CLUB 20 believes that health insurance should be made more affordable in order to minimize the number of uninsured, thereby providing higher quality and more cost-effective health care for those persons and avoiding cost-shifting from the uninsured to the insured; and

Be it further resolved that CLUB 20 believes that the health care needs of the uninsured and underinsured must be addressed, and consider offering needs such as rural areas and capacity; and collaborative efforts among government, health care providers, the insurance industry, and private industry to create solutions to these issues should be supported.


Adopted September 5, 2003

Renewed 9/5/08

Renewed 9/6/2013


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