X-96-2-Boards and Commissions and Cabinet Members

WHEREAS positions on boards and commissions are currently filled by the Governor in accordance with standards for geographic and political diversity, and expertise that is appropriate to the individual board or commission is established by the legislature, and

WHEREAS the State has approximately 300 boards and commissions to which the Governor must make appointments and it is vital that appointees have technical expertise, are specialists and/or have practical work experience that supports their role on that board or commission in rulemaking, regulation, policy and licensure as well as recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly; and

WHEREAS geographic representation on many boards and commissions is legislatively mandated to reflect the importance of the board or commissions responsibilities; and

WHEREAS historically, board, commission and cabinet representation from Western Colorado has been lacking, yet participation from this region is critical with regard to issues vital to Western Colorado; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that when not directed by statute, Club 20:

  • Encourages appointments to boards, commissions and cabinet positions that are geographically diverse and representative of the Western Slope, utilizing the current appointment process and
  • Opposes any effort to limit membership of such boards and commissions to equal representation by Congressional Districts or otherwise.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Club 20 supports appointments of individuals to boards or commissions with technical expertise and relevant experience. Where regulatory responsibility lies with the board or commission, Club 20 supports the premise that 2/3 of their members should have substantial technical experience in the topic of the board or commission on which they serve to effectively and efficiently accomplish the mission of the board or commission.


Adopted 3/1/1996

Renewed 9/10/2010

Amended 9/9/2011

Amended 9/9/2016

Amended 3/23/2022


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