HC-05-3-Health Care Principles

  1. All Coloradans must work together to help solve Colorado’s health care challenges. Consumers must assume greater responsibility for, and knowledge of, their health and health care choices.
  2. Colorado State Government should enact policies, procedures and laws which assist the business and health care communities in identifying and implementing solutions.
  3. Health insurance should be made more available and affordable, in order to minimize the number of uninsured.
  4. Government should fully fund its health care obligations (Medicare, Medicaid,) in order to prevent shifting the costs of its programs to local communities.
  5. Preventative programs and disease management programs that will result in lower costs and a more efficient health care system in the long-run should be encouraged and funded.
  6. Because Coloradans should have meaningful choices in health care, health plans should be encouraged to remain in, or return to, rural Colorado markets.
  7. Coloradans should understand the full implications and consequences (both intended and unintended) of requirements and restrictions mandated by government, such as adverse selection, guarantee-issue policies, and mandated benefits.
  8. Alternative dispute resolution processes should be encouraged to ensure appropriate redress for citizens without promoting the practice of defensive medicine which adds unnecessary costs to the health care system.
  9. Both the general public and community leaders must have access to good health care data in order to be able to clearly identify their community’s unique health care challenges, understand the options available to them, and make informed decisions to arrive at sustainable and equitable health care solutions.
  10. Optimize patient care throughout Colorado by enabling health care practioners to provide care and service to the extent they are trained.


Adopted 9/9/2005

Amended 9/ 11/ 2009

Amended 9/5/2014


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