HC-03-5-Government’s Role In Health Care

WHEREAS CLUB 20 recognizes that the current health care system is built upon state and federal entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid and that such programs – while a necessary element of an equitable health care system – create a tremendous burden on the system; and

WHEREAS all Coloradans should have meaningful choices in health care;


  • Believes that all government-mandated health care programs (such as Medicare, Medicaid and Affordable Care Act) must be simplified, restructured and adequately funded in order to avoid any cost shifting to the business and other private payers,
  • Believes that Colorado state government should enact policies, procedures and laws that assist the business and health care communities in identifying and implementing solutions, such as the creation of private/public partnerships, to assist citizens in purchasing a basic health plan,
  • Supports a competitive marketplace where payers and healthcare providers are able to contract freely with minimal government regulation to ensure a level playing field, and
  • Believes Federal formulas, such as the Rural Wage Index and other geographic disparities, often create unintended consequences of disparate wage reimbursement and must be corrected.


Adopted 9/5/ 2003

Amended 9/5/08

Amended 9/6/2013

Renewed 4/8/2021


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