PLNR-01-5-Weed Management, Colorado’s Plan

WHEREAS successful and cost‑effective weed management endeavors require an organized and coordinated effort among all affected landowners and industries; and

WHEREAS the purpose of strategic plans is to provide a common focus for our many and diverse efforts to address the weed management needs of Colorado; and

WHEREAS strategic plans provide all partners with more focused opportunities to collaborate in ways that will lead to a more successful, statewide effort to manage noxious weeds; and

WHEREAS the vision is to have productive agriculture and a healthy environment that continue to provide Colorado residents with an exceptional quality of life unimpaired by noxious weeds; and

WHEREAS to stop the spread of noxious weed species in Colorado and restore degraded lands of exceptional agricultural and environmental value during the 21st century a strategic plan is necessary; and

WHEREAS the Colorado Department of Agriculture seeks the endorsement and support of a wide array of state and federal agencies, local governments, and agricultural, environmental, and political organizations for strategic plans;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports strategic plans for noxious weed management, and encourages the State to aid in funding said strategic plans

 Formerly 01-9 NR 2

Adopted 9/7/ 2001

Amended 9/9/ 2011

Amended 4/1/2016


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