PLNR-07-1-Climate Change

WHEREAS global climate is changing and human factors appear to be influencing climate change; and

WHEREAS observed changes in the environment suggest that these changes have the potential to adversely impact Colorado; and

WHEREAS many policies are more appropriately implemented at the Federal level, it is clear that the State of Colorado will also be considering actions to implement greenhouse gas reductions; and

WHEREAS Colorado is in the unique position of being both a consumer and producer of energy; and

WHEREAS it is important that any state climate initiative be based on sound science and understanding of the costs and benefits that would result, including the extent to which greenhouse gas reductions in Colorado will impact global climate change; and

WHEREAS it is critical that any public policy relating to climate adequately consider the economic impact on consumers of electricity and other forms of energy and the availability of that energy;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 urges the Governor and the State of Colorado to:

  • support reasonable greenhouse gas reduction efforts consistent with technological and economic constraints,
  • encourage voluntary efforts by businesses and individual citizens to undertake energy efficiency measures, and
  • support and encourage programs and technologies that may assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions including but not limited to conservation, renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon sequestration, and clean coal technologies.


Adopted 9/7/2007

Renewed 3/28/2014

 (Formerly 07-9-PL-1)


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