PLNR-95-2-State Ownership of Public Lands

WHEREAS several prominent congressional committee chairmen have been discussing legislation which would allow states to assume ownership of BLM lands within their states; and

WHEREAS Under this proposal, states would be responsible for the expenses of managing those public lands, and could keep the revenue the lands generate; and

WHEREAS the plan, as discussed, would require states to maintain the lands under the same guidelines as the federal government, as a protection against wholesale privatization or development; and

WHEREAS Several Western States, including Colorado, were treated differently than other states when admitted to the Union, because the federal government reserved ownership of unappropriated lands, where other states were allowed state ownership of such lands, thus creating an unequal situation which continues to create problems because some are “public land states” and others are not, and

WHEREAS; CLUB 20 has long believed state and local governments can more efficiently manage major projects and programs than the federal government,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 sees merit in state ownership, with the same guidelines now required of federal agencies in managing these lands with respect to privatization or development.

Adopted 3-3-95

Renewed 3/22/13

(Formerly 95-3 PL 6)


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