PLNR-96-1-State Park Fees

WHEREAS the Colorado Department of Parks and Outdoor Recreation and the Colorado Division of Wildlife have been merged to create the department Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW); and

WHEREAS there remains a serious shortfall of funds needed for maintenance of the state park system and recovering a larger portion of those expenses from the people who use the facilities makes good sense; and

WHEREAS public use is higher at metro-area parks such as Chatfield and much lower at rural parks such as Rifle Gap or Crawford Reservoir, therefore the expense of maintaining rural parks is much lower, and admission prices should reflect that difference; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports legislation giving the CPW some discretionary flexibility to determine fees to be charged for use of facilities at state parks.

Adopted 3-1-96

Amended 3/22/13

(Formerly 96-3 PL 3)


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