TE- 00- 4-Support for Interoperable Emergency Radios and a New Wireless Public Safety Broadband Network

WHEREAS public safety and homeland security are a priority for our communities, and

WHEREAS having in place modern emergency radio systems, including DTR, VHF, and broadband, with direct interoperability to communicate within and between agencies and communities is essential to deal effectively with public emergencies, and

WHEREAS, at present, incompatible emergency radio systems cause delays and confusion in responding to emergencies, and

WHEREAS, statewide Digital Trunked Radio (DTR) network improvements are continuing through partnerships between the State of Colorado and local governments to replace existing less versatile VHF/UHF two-way radio systems and to improve interoperability between public safety agencies, and

WHEREAS, the federal government began in 2012  creating FirstNet, a nationwide wireless high-speed broadband data network, dedicated to public safety to facilitate communication for first responders during emergencies and on the job every day; and

 WHEREAS, FirstNet seeks to improve the first responders’ ability to save lives while saving money by placing 4G LTE technology that is broadly available on today’s devices and networks in the hands of all public safety users; and

WHEREAS FirstNet’s goal is to link local first responders with each other and to federal resources through a cost-effective, sustainable network; and

WHEREAS such radio upgrades and new wireless public safety networks are extremely expensive;


  • CLUB 20 supports the use of state and federal dollars to help local jurisdictions upgrade to new State emergency radio standards and continued funding requests for investment in radio upgrades; and
  • CLUB 20 encourages agencies and local governments to collaborate in the upgrading of their emergency radio systems to achieve compatibility and direct interoperability to facilitate the quickest response to public emergencies; and
  • CLUB 20 supports strong public-private partnerships which promote participation by all network service providers with the demonstrated capability to construct and operate new wireless public safety networks to ensure reliable and secure communications; and
  • CLUB 20 supports a nationwide FirstNet’s wireless public safety broadband network being built with taxpayer dollars, but federal, state, local and tribal governments should not undertake the construction of new wireless network facilities where existing wireline carriers networks exist.

Adopted 3/3/2000

Amended 9/5/2008

Amended 3/28/2014

Renewed 4/12/2019

(Formerly: 00-3-TE 4)


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