TO-19-1-Encouraging Investment in Western Colorado by the Film Industry

WHEREAS Western Colorado is one of the most attractive regions in the United States and provides scenery that is in high demand by the film industry; and

WHEREAS  in  2022, the American film industry spent over $ 1.5 billion producing films in the four‑state region of Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, and of that Colorado received  $182.8 million in revenue from on‑site charges, catering, and other fees; and

WHEREAS  the American film industry is considered by many experts to be a “clean industry” in that it operates under strict parameters, is required to restore the environment to its pre­production condition, creates an enormous number of jobs during the traditional off season, and is known to infuse into local economies large amounts of cash in a short amount of time; and

WHEREAS  the states of Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico offer the Film Industry lucrative tax rebates, which has been very successful in attracting Production Companies to their respective areas, and


  • Club 20 urges the Colorado legislature to continue to offer tax incentives and pursue public/private partnerships to encourage additional investment in Colorado’s film industry.
  • Club 20 supports the Colorado Film Commission as a state agency through the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT).

Adopted September 10, 1999

Amended April 4, 2008

Adopted April 12, 2019

Amended April 12, 2024

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