WA – 01 – 4-Tamarisk Coalition, Support For

WHEREAS The Tamarisk is a deciduous shrub/small tree that was introduced to the western U.S. in the early nineteenth century from Central Asia and the Mediterranean for use as an ornamental, windbreaks, and erosion control; and

WHEREAS Tamarisk crowds out native stands of riparian and wetland vegetation, increases the salinity of surface soil rendering the soil inhospitable to other plants, and provides generally lower wildlife habitat value than native vegetation; and

WHEREAS Tamarisk dries up springs, wetlands, and riparian areas by lowering surface water tables and clogs stream channels; and

WHEREAS Tamarisk increases fire hazard and the intensity of fires that severely damage sensitive riparian vegetation; and

WHEREAS Tamarisk is now believed to cover 1.5 million acres of land in the western U.S. and will likely spread to another million acres over the next ten years; and 

WHEREAS  The Tamarisk Coalition is a coordinating organization of agencies, other organizations, and landowners working to restore and maintain the native riparian habitats in Western Colorado affected by this invasive species; 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports the Tamarisk Coalition and recognizes the importance of coordinating efforts to restore riparian lands affected by this species.

Adopted 9/7/2001

Renew 9/11/2009

Amended 9/5/2014


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