X-01-2-Congressional Districts – Keeping the Western Slope in One Congressional District

WHEREAS CLUB 20 has represented Western Colorado as an effective “Voice of the Western Slope” for over half a century; and

WHEREAS the Third Congressional district, as presently configured, represents most of the CLUB 20 counties in Western Colorado; and

WHEREAS future growth in Colorado will require some re-alignment of existing Congressional districts;

WHEREAS CLUB 20 encourages member counties to participate fully in the census process to accurately count our population

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 supports the concept of keeping rural counties intact to the maximum extent possible, maintaining the entire Western Slope community within a single Congressional district and opposes any plan for redistricting that would divide Western Colorado.


Adopted 3/2/ 2001

Amended 9/10/2010

Amended 4/7/2017

Renewed 4/12/2019


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