X-04-1-Frivolous Lawsuits, Opposition to

WHEREAS it is the right of every citizen to bring forth suit against another to seek redress for damages, and

WHEREAS some citizens and corporations have abused this right by advancing frivolous lawsuits that are without merit, and

WHEREAS such frivolous lawsuits pose an unfair burden on the defendant who must expend resources to protect his own legitimate interests, and

WHEREAS Colorado laws currently provide that a prevailing defendant to a lawsuit may request that the judge deem that lawsuit frivolous and require that the unsuccessful plaintiff reimburse the defendant for all costs incurred as part of their defense;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Club 20 encourages the Colorado judiciary to discourage frivolous litigation through vigorous application of the statutes allowing courts to award attorney’s fees in addition to cost permitted by law.


Adopted March 19, 2004

Renewed 9/10/10

Renewed 9/11/2015

Renewed 9/9/2022


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