X-97-1-State Meetings, Encouraging Western Slope Participation

WHEREAS numerous state advisory boards and committees exist in various state departments and divisions, with membership including many representatives of Western Colorado, and

WHEREAS the meetings of such boards and committees are exceptionally difficult to attend for people living outside the Denver area, and the State cannot pay the travel expenses of non-decisional boards’ and committees’ members, and

WHEREAS technology now exists and as appropriate, needs to be improved, to enable  participation in such meetings by video-conferencing, though most boards and committees still do not take advantage of such opportunities, and

WHEREAS several important committees often meet without Western Slope representation because of the time and location of the meetings, the difficulty of travel, and the failure of state leaders to take advantage of such technology, and

WHEREAS it has been demonstrated that video testimony, as established by Colorado HB 14-1303, has been successfully proven.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Club 20 strongly encourages all State agencies and Departments to hold meetings outside the Denver area, to facilitate attendance by setting times and places which make attendance easier, and to incorporate video-conferencing technology whenever possible to ensure representation from all parts of the state in meetings of all advisory boards and committees.

Adopted 3/7/1997

Renewed 9/10/2010

Amended 9/11/2015

Amended 9/9/2022

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