AG-06-7-Right to Farm

WHEREAS Colorado statutes define the “right to farm” and have indicated the importance of agricultural lands to Colorado residents; and

WHEREAS Colorado’s Right to Farm statute identifies the circumstances under which a non‑negligent farm/ranch is protected from nuisance lawsuits,


  • CLUB 20 supports legislation that would significantly strengthen the Right to Farm language, and in particular as it relates to clarifying a “negligent operation,” a “nuisance lawsuit,” and the degree to which a local government can pass additional local protections consistent with state law.
  • CLUB 20 supports the development of sound growth management legislation that recognizes the unique needs of Colorado agricultural operators, protects agricultural land values, and protects the values and equity position of agricultural businesses.
  • CLUB 20 supports a comprehensive Alternative Dispute Resolution program on the Western Slope to assist in solving problems between conflicting uses, including agricultural right to farm issues. CLUB 20 also encourage local governments to follow alternative resolution procedures for dispute resolutions
  • CLUB 20 reaffirms that CO is a fence out state (that ranching is included)


Adopted March 31, 2006

Amended September 7, 2012

Amended September 9, 2017


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