BA – 06 – 1-Investment In And Accountability Of Government

WHEREAS the public’s trust in government is eroding as evidenced by polling data and an increasing number of  citizen initiatives that erode representative democracy, and

WHEREAS it is not wise public policy to view taxes simply as something to be cut rather than an investment to be optimized, and

WHEREAS, while it is important to make investments in appropriate government services, it is equally important to ensure accountability in the administration of those services;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that CLUB 20 believes that

  • Elected officials should strategically identify budget investments that will produce a significant return for tax dollars invested, generate long-term public benefits, or avoid future costs.
  • All publicly-financed entities should provide an annual performance report including stated goals and objectives, progress in meeting those goals and objectives, and a simplified financial report.
  • A comprehensive review of Colorado’s tax structure should be conducted to ensure equity between all taxpayers.
  • An internet-based interactive taxpayer information system should be created to enable citizens to understand how their tax dollars are being spent.


Adopted 9/8/06


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